Eazy Jeezus Capsule Collection

Heather Lavender Canvas Fabric
- 100% Genuine Goat Suede
- 100% Genuine Leather Strap
- CmartyMar Embossed Brass Clasp

Heather Lavender Cap

  • This cap is 1 of 3 in our most recent collaboration projection with rapper NAZDAQ and producers ENJ Productions. The collaboration was done to showcase the release of NAZDAQ & ENJ Productions most recent mixtape realsese entitled ‘Eazy Jeezus’. Cmartymar Brand was contacted to spearhead the design taking note of the mixtapes undeniable african roots and incorporate an essence of opulence. We achieved that through a harmony of textures, tones and fonts. Each cap feature a genuine lamb leather, goat suede, and embossed clasp enclosures.